[Webinar] GIS Data Visualization 101:
Transform Raw Geodata into Business Insights

[Webinar] GIS Data Visualization 101: Transform Raw Geodata into Business Insights

Introduction to geodata visualization
How to analyse your use case and create concrete data layers specifications
How we approached building a custom postal
codes layer for Europe’s 2nd largest logistics
platform – Trans.eu
Where to start sourcing spatial data,
and whether open-source data is good enough
How to prepare raw data and build a scalable
geospatial database to power your data layers
How to automate data updates, and not
disrupt your system
Bonus: Styling tips and tricks to make your
data layers stand out

This webinar is for you if:

you’re looking to build custom map data layers for your solution, but not sure how to approach it
you want to integrate 3rd-party geospatial data, and don’t know how to do it properly
you are looking to optimize map usage costs of your existing software by switching to open-source data
you don’t want to use paid, 3rd party map APIs, but don’t know which alternative to pick either

About our experts

Wojciech Tomaszewski
Technical Architect
Expert in geospatial development starting from data sourcing and database design to styling and generating maps. Thinks that visualizing data can be quite fun.
Marta Krawczyk
Geospatial Engineer
Full-stack web engineer specializing in custom spatial visualization solutions that optimize operations and enhance overall efficiency of logistics businesses.

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